Suits You!

"Corky is an excellent qualitative research partner. She delivers deep insights which show that people really open up to her, and she goes the extra mile to deliver what you need, when you need it. She can turn things around quickly without any compromise in quality, and is very flexible in her approach, tailoring it to your needs. She once conducted ten online groups for us in one week when we piled the pressure on and pulled all the findings together quickly and with great interpretation and actionable direction. Her research is first class. She is also an extremely good communicator as well as a lovely person - a joy to work with."

Alexa Burstow - Senior Brand Planner

The Good Agency

Every project is of course different; and each is tailor-made to suit each client's needs.

We like to embrace new techniques in order to reach new audiences.

But the real beauty of any qualitative research methodology is its flexibility in the face of surprising, unusual or unexpected responses.

A qualitative approach evolves as it goes along, and is so fluid it can adjust and adapt to new situations and new learnings in an instant - (just like this lovely squid, blending into the ocean floor and camouflaging himself with shells).

We will tailor our approach to suit your needs, to suit the type of project and type of audience - and your budget.