Ferrier Pearce - Client Perception Survey

"I would like to thank our clients for taking time out of their busy schedules to talk to Corky and give their sometimes refreshingly honest perceptions of the service we provide. I would like to thank Corky for her invaluable work on this project."

Nigel Ferrier, Executive Chairman

Ferrier Pearce

Ferrier Pearce Creative Group is an award-winning strategic communications agency and has a long history with Corky & Co. We have worked on projects for them on exploratory research into understanding consumers, new business pitches and strategic and creative communications, mainly in the property and construction sectors.

In 2008 they decided to try something different and in a highly unusual move commissioned us to research some of their clients. That year the research method included a mix of a Focus Group and lunch at the fascinating Museum of Brands, Packaging and Advertising in Colville Mews in London, and Depth Interviews - most of these were face to face, and some by telephone.

The discussions were wide-ranging, finding out about the clients themselves, what they like most about their roles, how they chose Ferrier Pearce as their agency, and how Ferrier Pearce rated on a number of key criteria including creativity, delivering the creativity, cost effectiveness, budget management, account handling, meeting deadlines, adding value, thinking outside the box, tracking trends and keeping up to date.  We ask for 'warts and all' feedback, because there is no point in commissioning this type of research if you don't get totally honest and transparent opinions.

This isn't the sort of exercise an organisation can do on itself - it needs an independent researcher who approaches it with an open mind, who clients can feed back to, knowing that the person listening will be receptive, non-judgmental and non-defensive. If a client wants to feed back with a non-attributable comment, then they can trust that this anonymity will be assured.

This was such a successful exercise that Ferrier Pearce have decided to make this an annual event, although sadly, no more Focus Groups at the wonderful Museum of Brands as they're too difficult to organise for practical reasons, so the methodology in future will be Depth Interviews.

Ferrier Pearce utilise the feedback from the survey in many ways,not just for information to help with internal decision-making, but also including as an important part of their marketing and as part of their ISO accreditation.

A copy of the full survey is supplied to all new clients.

As stated in our introduction to the 2009 survey, 'It's a brave organisation that commissions a completely frank client perception survey undertaken by an independent market research company.

This is probably why it's still a rarity!'

A pdf of the 2009 survey (where Ferrier Pearce stands for 'Feedback Priceless') is available for download on the home page at ferrierpearce.com

The 2010 survey is just about to start.