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Hello and welcome to Corky & Co. Please dive in and explore!

Corky & Co. is a specialist qualitative market research consultancy established in 1990. The benefit of all that experience is that we understand clients and the pressures they face, we're experts at research and importantly, at analysis and providing genuinely insightful and strategic direction. This may be your first or your thousandth research project - whatever help and assistance you need, we will aim to provide. If you need a fast turnaround, we'll do it. Clients choose us for our strong reputation in B2B and Consumer Qualitative Research, for our creative and flexible approach, rigorous analysis, insightful and constructive results, friendliness and focus on service. We want you to be a happy client, and we'll help you get the maximum value and benefit out of your research.

We work throughout the UK, in Ireland, France, Germany, Spain the USA and Australia.

With an extensive network of associates and highly trained recruiters, and our wide-ranging and long experience, we can engage with most target audiences - and have the ability to talk to virtually anybody, about almost anything!

Clients tell us they like working with small research consultancies as they can have a single, director level point of contact they can relate to at every stage of their project.  We believe that business is about relationships. We work hard to get to know our clients, we need to build up an understanding of you and your business.

Giving Your Research Deeper Thought

Corky Gormly has over 20 years' experience in market research. Qualitative research by its very nature inspires us to think deeply. Diving into the unknown is an exciting adventure. What treasures will we find, and how best to explore and uncover them? How will people react to what we ask or show them? How can we motivate and interest them?

Behind the scenes, a great deal of careful planning and thought goes into each project, from the moment of contact right through to the debrief presentation.


Corky is a Full Member of the MRS, and a member of the ICG and BIG.